Are you seeking a skydive that stands out from the rest? 

Discover why Skydive Wanaka is the New Zealand skydive experience everyone is talking about. This is how we do it…

Welcome aboard! Your New Zealand skydive experience starts with a briefing inside our very own cabin of adventure!

Meet your skydiving instructor. With thousands of skydives under their best, they are ready to ensure you have the BEST skydive in New Zealand!

Strap yourself to a Beautiful Stranger!

Break the news to your mother in style. Just before you board our aircraft – say a few words for the camera – this is your proof!

Board the skydive aircraft. You take to the skies in our skydive plane – the General Lee – a custom-built X-STOL offering a comfortable, quick flight to altitude and maximum opportunity to take in the jaw-dropping views on the way up to your chosen skydive altitude.

Marvel at local beauty as you climb to altitude – 15-20 minutes of unrivalled and uninterrupted views of Wanaka’s world-renowned lakes and mountains, including Aoraki/Mt Cook.

Move toward the plane’s now-open door, securely harnessed to your highly-qualified tandem skydiving instructor… pause on the edge, then… FREEFALL!

SENSORY OVERLOAD! You’re not falling, but flying through the air at 200kph! The view is truly INCREDIBLE. Your adrenalin is flowing as your senses try to process the intensity of the experience.

KEEP SMILING! Your camera flyer or tandem skydive master captures your personal New Zealand skydive adventure available as a freefall video and digital pictures.

Parachute activated and up it goes, allowing you take in more of the stunning scenery as you float – exhilarated – toward the ground.

Get ready for a gentle landing. Your feet touch the earth. You’re safely back on the ground after a smooth landing at the Skydive Lake Wanaka drop zone.

Pause, breathe, take a moment to take in the experience.

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